About Gambero Rosso®

Gambero Rosso is the leading association in Italy for publishing works and training people in the field of food and wine. It is the only multimedia company in the sector that offers magazines, books, guides, and a television channel – Sky 412 – as well as a webpage and apps.

For over 30 years, Gambero Rosso has been the institution that best represents Italian-made food and wine, due to its extensive testing and certification of products’ quality, telling the stories behind the flavours and traditions of the Bel Paese.

In Italy, Gambero Rosso has its “Città del Gusto”® sites in six cities (Rome, Naples, Catania, Palermo, Salerno and Turin). Courses range from amateur to professional and managerial levels, and are held alongside gala tastings and other wine-related events. Quality comes first.

About Vini d’Italia 2020

Vini d’Italia 2020 is the story of a year of travel and tasting. Almost 60 experts have managed to sample the delights of 40,000 wines, reviewing 22,500 labels from over 2,542 wineries, and now we bring you the wines which stole our hearts and tickled our taste buds.

This year, there are 457 “Tre Bicchieri” winners, which were selected using the guide’s traditional method of blind tastings, evaluations made by a panel, and finally the 3 Glass Rating. Amongst these, nearly a quarter are wines which you can buy in Italy for less than 15 Euros. This shows that one of the most crucial aspects of the Italy’s wine production is that the consumer gets value for money. This great quality means that Italian wine now has an even bigger appeal in the international market and we are proud to be able to convey this by means of over 30 grand tastings, organised across the globe. The latest guide is therefore also available in Japanese, as well as the usual English, German and Chinese editions.

In this edition are also listed 121 Green Tre Bicchieri – wines which have been produced by means of organic or biodynamic viticulture. All of these hold appropriate certifications as a form of transparency for the consumer.

To conclude, Vini d’Italia offers a wealth of information, including the evaluation of individual vintages monitored over the last thirty years, the details required to visit or contact producers, personal anecdotes and much more!

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The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK is one of the oldest Chambers overseas and today has over 550 members. Founded in 1886, the ICCIUK aims to promote and develop business relationships between Italy and the United Kingdom.

Thanks to numerous collaborations with Italian and British institutions, we frequently organise sector-oriented events, such as workshops, incoming missions, courses, seminars, as well as Italian pavilions at the main trade fairs in the UK. Furthermore, we help Italian companies enter into the UK market, from the early stage of establishing their business, through to finding suitable commercial partners, and hosting various promotional activities for them such as networking events, publications on the Chamber’s own website, and mailings.

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About Wineteca

Wineteca is an exclusive event, dedicated to the promotion of Italian wines in the UK. The format, first conceived in 2013 by The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK, is a fantastic opportunity to take a splash in the world of Italian fine wines.

Throughout the day, importers, distributors, buyers, agents and sommeliers meet Italian companies who will present and discuss some of their best wines. Not only this, but with the presence of journalists and experts in the sector, Wineteca today stands as one of the main London events for Made in Italy wine.
Each year the event sees the collaboration of different experts in promoting Made in Italy abroad, meaning that the wines on show are always of an excellent quality, many of which are either great value for money, or have that certain something which makes them unique, such as pure Italian grapes or organic ingredients.

The 2020 edition will be entirely focused on Gambero Rosso®, our long-time partner for wine tasting events.